Walk the back alley of retro cityscape
on the way back from Fujiyama
at dusk hears the voice of laughter
and the sound of glass clinking.

Welcome to
ShinSekai Kanpai Street.

Back in the day, the back alley of Nishiura disrict called "ShinSekai Street" flourished as a night town. But In 2016, with more than 3,000 people demanding, the area revived as a new restaurant area and now it is the place where many "Kanpai("cheers" in Japanese) are exchanged.

Come to this area, you will have an experience of "Kampai" you will never forget. People with different background, age, nationality hang around at the counter, in the resraunt, or even in the street to form new dramas.

Let's Enjoy.


Restaurant Info

  • <Exclusive Bar/Lounge>Lounge Satomi

    Hours Tue-Sun 8:00PM-12:00Midnight
    Closed Mon
    Phone (+81)555-25-6664
    Capacity 15 box seats / 5 counter seats
    Drink set 4,000yen / Bottle 4,000yen ~
  • <Italian>Italian restaurant Kagishippo

    Hours Tue-Thu 6:00PM-11:00PM
    Fri-Sat 6:00PM-2:00AM
    Closed Sun
    Phone (+81)555-73-8858
    Capacity 20 table seats / 4 counter seats
    Bagna cauda, Margarita, Creamy pasta
  • <Offal & Yakiniku>Offal & Yakiniku Bon

    Hours Wed-Sat 5:00PM-0:00AM
    Closed Tue
    Phone (+81)555-28-7071
    Capacity 20 seats
    Offal, Japanese black beef
  • <Bar>LINKS

    Hours Fri,Sta 8:00 PM-12:00Midnight
    Closed Sun,Mon-Thu(I can make a reservation)
    Phone -
    Capacity 15 seats
    Variety of alcohol
  • <Izakaya>Yakitori Miichan

    Hours Mon-Sat 6:00PM-12:00 Midnight
    (Yakitori untill 10:00PM,
    Other order until 11:30 PM)
    Closed Sun
    Phone (+81)555-24-5829
    Capacity 10 table seats / 5 counter seats
    Yakitori, Grilled tripe
  • <Bar>Masadon Kitchen

    Hours Everyday 7:45PM-12:00Midnight
    Closed Mon, Tue
    Phone -
    Capacity 20 seats
    Weekly Special, Chili Cheese Fries
  • <Bar>NOBLE

    Hours Everyday 10:00PM-Midnight
    Closed Sun, Mon, Tue
    Phone -
    Capacity 10 seats, Dance floor
    Variety of alcohol

Character Info

The staffs and the regular visitors of ShinSekai Kampai Street

If you meet them, go exchange "Kampai” !! Unless you break the manner, You can ask them anything.

Lady boss of the ShinSekai Kampai StreetJumbe

Favorite phrase is "Go home with smile!" Her open character attracts everyone and makes her dependable person. Favorite drink is lemon sour. Currently rumored to be looking for someone who can not only drink together, but also fawn upon. Hobby is watching comedy and reading books.

  • The loyal customer of ShinSekai Kampai StreetOyabin

    Favorite Movie is God Father, and he looks like one of the actor in the film. A very gentle and charming guy who loves the city of Fuji Yoshida, and wont't stop talking if you ask him about the future plan of the city. Favorite drink is Imo Shochu.

  • The loyal customer of ShinSekai Kampai StreetChi-san

    One of the most attractive women in the City. No one suits the wine better than her, but her favorite drink is actually Highball and Shochu. She loves the atmosphere of different customers hanging around together in ShinSekai Kampai Street, and she will liven things up ( if she is drunk).

  • Owner of Lounge SatomiSatomi-san

    Her attractiveness, lithe gestures, and the elegance makes her adorable. Not only every drink she makes is delicious, but she is also a good listner to anything you talk which makes your drink more delicious. The lounge is decorated with gorgeous interior and flowers, so you will have no problem spending long hours in this lounge.

  • Owner of Italian restaurant KagishippoRyon-kun

    Handsome young man who loves music, movie, and watching sports especially baseball. If you want to talk with him, talk about baseball and you can get along with him. Likes to drink beers and whiskeys, or Play music on offday.

  • Owner of Offal & Yakiniku (Japanese-style barbecue)Yukini-

    A tried and true Nishiura native, born and raised in the Nishiura neighborhood who’s desire to liven up his birthplace led to the opening of this shop that prides itself on its unique menu of raw offal and Japanese black beef. A cheerful owner with a big heart and a big love for icy cold beer.

  • Owner of Yakitori MiichanTorako-san

    Judging by his appearance, he looks like a guy who loves drinking beer, but he hates it. Judging by his appearance, he looks like a gentle guy with a Buddah-like smile, but actually he is a wild guy who commonly uses "Ahoka!!(you dumb!)". He is a manager of the local softball team Wildcats.

  • Owner of Masadon KitchenDoan

    Donovan enjoys listening to everyone’s stories. A teacher, writer, cook, and insomniac, Don does what he can to provide help and support to those around him. Thanks to the casual and comforting atmosphere of his place, many first dates happen at his bar.

The Q&A of ShinSekai Kampai Street

  • QPlease tell me the definition of "Kampai"

    A"Kampai" means "dry up the galss " in Japanese which means "cheers!".

    If you come to ShinSekai Kampai Street, exchange "Kampai" with many people.

  • QIt is rumored that people in Fuji Yoshida loves drinking alcohol. Is it true?


    This area was known for trading market of fabric back in the days, and it was a tradition for citizens to drink with people who came from other city.

  • QWhat is the recommended way of drinking in this area?

    AHighball, Imo shochu with cold water, or whiskey with hot water on a cold day.
  • QIf I want to drink with local people, where should I go?

    ACome to ShinSekai Kampai Street first.

    If you come at night, there are always local people hanging around. If you want to drinki with them, just ask the staff and we will coordinate, or maybe they will talk to you even without the coordinate.

  • QIf I want to go to different place, which restaurant / bar is recommended.

    AIt depends on people you ask.

    Ask the local people for their recommendation and maybe, they will take you to their favorites.

  • QI came here by car... but because of the atmosphere, I want to change my mind and drink! Is there anyway somecan take me home?

    AOff Course! DUI is definitely illegal, so if you came by the car and you want to drink, you can use the designated driver service.

    The price raages around 300yen per kilometer.
    Price varies depending on service. It is highly recommended to ask the price beforehand to avoid the trouble.

    ●Fuji Yoshida Driver Designated Service
    TEL: 0120-244-254
    ●Akane Driver Designated Service
    TEL: 0555-22-7071
    ●Nico Nico Safety Driver Designated Service
    TEL: 0120-584-881
    ●Joy Driver Designated Service
    TEL: 080-2187-9654
    ●Hayabusa Driver Designated Service
    TEL: 0555-24-8814

    * There are taxi service also. Ask the staff if you want to use it.

  • QI went to every restaurant in this street, but I want to go more.

    AConguratuation on going to every restaurant.

    Now, let's challenge to more deep restaurant of Nishiura area.

    • ●Yakitori Bindo

      • Address: 3 Chome-12-10 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi
      • TEL: (+81)555-22-1045
      • Closed: None
      • Open: 6:00PM-10:00PM
    • ●Pink De Flamingos

      • Address: 3 Chome-14-8 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi
      • TEL: (+81)555-24-5385
      • Closed: Tue
      • Open: 7:00PM-4:00AM(Last order at 3:00AM)
    • ●Kushikatsu Monchi

      • Address: 3 Chome-11-8 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi
      • TEL: (+81)555-72-9329
      • Closed: None
      • Open: 6:00PM-12:00Midnight
    • ●Sumibi Yakitori Cho

      • Address: 3 Chome-12-56 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi
      • TEL: (+81)555-75-0445
      • Closed: Mon
      • Open: Tue-Thu 6:00PM-12:00Midnight / Fri-Sat 6:00PM-2:00 AM
    • ●NOW

      • Address: 3 Chome-12-55 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi
      • TEL: (+81)555-24-3510
      • Closed: Sun
      • Open: 8:00PM-2:00AM


ShinSekai Kanpai Street

Address: 3 Chome-12-72 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi

Google Map
ShinSekai kanpai street Address: 3 Chome-12-72 Shimoyoshida,Yamanashi

Fuji Yoshida Spot Info

  1. 1Shinkurayama Sengen Park(view)

    Mt.Fuji, cherry blossom, and 5-Story Pagoda all in one spot. Take the picture, and you will definitely get lots of reaction if you post on the social media.

  2. 2Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine(observe)

    Super power spot where Mt.Fuji is worshiped.

  3. 3Hataorimachi Hatajirushi(observe, shoping)

    Fuji Yoshida has the history of being a producing area of fabric product for more than 1,000 years. There are many Hataya(fabric factory) still in the city.

  4. 4Sakurai Udon(food)

    An iconic food in Fuji Yoshida is Yoshida Udon. In Sakurai, there are only two menues, both of them being traditional Yoshida Udon.

  5. 5Michinoeki Fujiyoshida(shop)

    Great place to buy souvenirs.

  6. 6Saruya (accomodation)

    3 minutes walk from ShinSekai. An guesthouse price around 3,300yen per day.

  7. 7Ooganmaru(accomofdation)

    Renovated guesthouse&cafe in 400 years old traditional house.

  8. 8Kikkake(accomodation)

    Guesthouse&cafe near Fujikyu High land.

  9. 9Yoshinoike Onsen(hot springs)

    Established more than 160 years before, you will feel the history of local hot spring.